To Do List

Framework API Development

Task Developer Status
Refine the Job and Task API. Kunal Done
Implement Job class and Task interface. Kunal Done
Define API for client control of when data is required by tasks Kunal Done
Refine the intertask communication design. Kunal Done

Framework Daemon Development

Task Developer Status
Implement passing of parameters from the TaskDefinition to the Task object at run time. Kevin Done
Implement status and reporting functionality. Kunal Done
Implement functionality for returning results. Kunal Done
Choose a specific port that the RMI server for the server node to run over. Incorporate this into the code. Kevin Done
Make sure that tasks that require multiple class files work. This may require doing something fancy with the ClassLoader or SecurityManager, etc. Kevin Not done
Improve the efficiency of data transfers between daemons. Not assigned Not done
Create install scripts for the volunteer daemon. Kevin Not done
Create install/setup scripts for the server daemon.
Write up detailed installation instructions and system requirements.
Kevin Not done
Generate javadoc for the system. Write some user documentation. Kevin Not done

Application Development

Task Developer Status
?? Huey Ting In progress
?? Guoliang In progress