Level Set Method Dislocation Dynamics (LSMDD) Library

Developer: Kevin T. Chu


The Level Set Method Dislocation Dynamics (LSMDD) library provides support for the parallel simulation of dislocation motion and interactions in materials. The library consists of a collection of Fortran subroutines, C functions, and C++ classes based on the serial code originally written by Yang Xiang and Li-Tien Cheng (2003).

The main features of the library include:

The library is built using the Level Set Method Library (LSMLIB) being developed in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at Princeton University and the Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Application Infrastructure (SAMRAI) developed and maintained in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). We made the decision to leverage these libraries because they are designed to address several key issues:


This library is still under development and has not been thoroughly tested. If you find a bug, please send me a bug report at ktchu AT princeton DOT edu, and I will make an attempt to fix it in the next release of the library. Thank you for your patience during the development process.