LSMLIB: A Level Set Method Software Library for Application Developers

SIAM Computational Science & Engineering Conference, Costa Mesa, CA, February 21, 2007



The level set method (LSM) is a mature numerical method for studying a wide range of problems that involve moving interfaces. Yet accessible and versatile software packages that allow scientists and engineers to rapidly develop high-performance LSM simulations have not been readily available. The Level Set Method Library (LSMLIB),, is a collection of standard LSM algorithms and numerical kernels which provides support for serial and parallel simulation of implicit surface and curve dynamics in two- and three-dimensions. This minisymposium includes an overview of LSMLIB and features several applications of the LSMLIB to problems in mathematics, science and engineering.


  1. An Overview of the LSMLIB Library: Design and Usage
    Kevin T. Chu (Princeton University) and Masa Prodanovic (University of Texas at Austin)
  2. Investigating spontaneous capillarity-controlled events via the level set method
    Masa Prodanovic (University of Texas at Austin) and Steven L. Bryant (University of Texas at Austin)
  3. Solving Two-Phase Incompressible Stokes Equations Using IIM (Immersed Interface Method) and LSMLIB (Level Set Method Library)
    Xiaohai Wan (Capital One Financial)
  4. Surface Area Minimization of Triply-Periodic Surfaces with Volume Fraction Constraint via the Level Set Method
    Youngjean Jung (Duke University), Kevin T. Chu (Princeton University) and Salvatore Torquato (Princeton University)