Parallel Adaptive Method of Lines Integrators (PAMoLI)

Developers: Kevin T. Chu (Serendipity Research)

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The Parallel Adaptive Method of Lines Integrator (PAMoLI) classes provide support for solving time-dependent partial differential equations using the method of lines with one of several standard explicit or implicit time integration schemes. Currently, support is only provided for explicit time integration using one of the following time schemes: FORWARD_EULER, EXPLICIT_RUNGE_KUTTA_2 (Heun's method), EXPLICIT_RUNGE_KUTTA_4, ADAMS_BASHFORTH_2, ADAMS_BASHFORTH_3, and ADAMS_BASHFORTH_4.

The PAMoLI classes have been designed to support parallel, structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) calculations. Currently, rudimentary SAMR is supported, but the interpolation schemes to use at coarse-fine interfaces to fill ghost cell data have not been completely analyzed and should be considered suspect! We plan to improve the SAMR support in the near future.

The library consists of a collection of Fortran subroutines and C++ classes. The main features of the library include:

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Current Library Limitations and Known Problems


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